Application Master

Application Procedure

The application for the master program is only possible for the winter term. The deadlines are:

  • April 15 for applicants who are non-EU citizens
  • July 15 for applicants who are EU citizens (last day for submitting the online application)

The application for the master program must be submitted online, via the campo portal (see video below).

  1. Register an account in the FAU-IdM System.
  2. Sign in at the campo portal.
  3. Submit your online application for the CE-Progam (again – winter term only!).
  4. Wait for notification from FAU.

We process all applications in batches and will not start with the first batch until April; please refrain from any inquiries before May!

Please refer to the FAQ section before sending an email.


Application documents

  • your Curriculum Vitae ( CV)
  • your letter of motivation (VERY IMPORTANT, please tell us WHY you chose CE Master at FAU as well as WHY you chose your specific TAF)
  • your secondary school’s leaving certificate (and English translation) (High school certificate)
  • university entrance exam (if available, e.g. Iran)
  • your university certificates (and English translation). In case you do not have your Bachelor certificate at the time of applying to FAU we need a confirmation of your university that you will get the Bachelor´s certificate soon
  • the international transcript (grades sheet) of the courses you have attended
  • TOEFL score report (OR other proof of English, in case your Bachelor´s has been in English a confirmation of the university is sufficient)
  • APS certificate (China)
  • any certificates of English or German language courses you have taken part in
  • GRE is not mandatory, but if you have a certificate it is very helpful

Incomplete applications will not be considered!


All applicants should meet the following criteria:

  • Completion of an excellent Bachelors degree or a corresponding qualification in Computer Science, in a related scientific or technical field, or in Mathematics.
  • Proficiency and experience in both using and programming computers. Besides familiarity with the basic concepts of computers and Computer Science, we expect that you have solid programming experience with procedural languages like C and C++:
    • either more than 1000 hours of experience with programming in languages like C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python
    • or more than two university courses in computer science out of the fields data structures and algorithms, programming, theoretical or technical computer science). Please list the corresponding courses in your application.
  • A well-rounded education in Engineering Mathematics: besides the engineering mathematics courses at least one university course from PDE, ODE, functional analysis, numerics, optimization, statistics. Please list the corresponding courses in your application.
  • Interest in learning how to use high-performance computers to solve problems in engineering.
  • International Students
    • A solid command of the English language – TOEFL score of at least 560 or equivalent qualification, e.g. confirmation of the university that the Bachelor´s programme had been taught in English.
    • students should be interested in a stay in Germany for at least two years.
  • Students with a Bachelor´s degree in Computer Science (and Engineering) or similar – without a special engineering subject – are requested to apply for the TAF Medical Engineering.

What happens with your application

  • The full application documents will be evaluated by two professors. The results of the evaluation will be submitted to the CE admissions committee.
  • The admissions committee decides on your admission to the master program.
  • Only after successful preselection, you will have to send your certified documents as hard copies.
  • The Master Office will check your documents with regard to the formal requirements.
  • If your application meets the formal requirements you will officially be admitted into the program.