Application FAQ


Q: Do I have to apply via campo?

A: Yes, please register an FAU-IdM account first and submit your application via the campo portal.


Q: Can I apply for admission in the summer term?

A: No, admission is only possible for winter term.


Q: Do I have to send hard copies of my documents?

A: No, we do not require hard copies at this point. Once we do, you will be notified!


Q: Can I check the status of my application?

A: No, we review all applications in batches and there is no other “status” to be checked.


Q: I have been admitted for winter term 20(XY), can I defer my admission to the following winter term?

A: No, your admission is only valid for the respective year. There is a high probability for re-admission in the following year, but you will have to re-apply (make sure to include your previous admission letter in the following application!).


Q: I have not been admitted into the program, can I still get admission if anyone else does not claim their spot in the program?

A: No, all decisions are final and binding, we do not rank applications and there is no fixed number of spots in the program. This means that if you have not been admitted there is no way for reevaluation of the application.


Q: Who can I contact if I have any other questions?

A: Please address all other questions to the study advisor CE