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Welcome events

Welcome to FAU!

We are very pleased to welcome you to our university. Our university offers two Welcome Weeks combining important information with activities to get to know each other. In October, general events are complemented by a Faculty Day, where our faculties introduce themselves to their students. Due to the current pandemic situation, most events take place online via the Zoom platform. Please log in with your first and last name. The access to all events will be published here.

You can download the presentation of our welcome event here.

Computer simulation is essential for success in international competition, because experiments are often too expensive, too slow, too dangerous, too expensive or even impossible. In modern research and development in science and industry, therefore modelling, simulation and visualization with the he...

Customized curriculum with an interdisciplinary approach to each student Flexible options and a wide range of opportunities for specialization Close cooperation in internships with industry Excellent campus infrastructure and equipment of the rooms Active student representatives as c...