Student Council CE

Student Council

Do you have trouble within your studies or with professors? Do you feel left alone in the academic labyrinth? American scientists have found out that probably all students have those feelings some time during their first semesters. But here is the good news: It does not have to be like this for you because we, the Fachschaftsinitiative CE (FSCE), try to give you orientation during your studies!

We are a group of dedicated CE students in the Bachelor’s or the Master’s program and strive to help and stand aside all CE students. Starting with the Schülerinfotag and the Erstsemester-Einführung we help you avoid unnecessary difficulties by guiding you through your daily studies. We represent you in official committees like the Studienkommission, which makes important decisions about the study programs, and in the Studiengebührenkommission.

As there is more on life than studying we also organize social events like BBQs or we meet for a beer in one of Erlangen’s pubs. Your are also invited for a coffee at the weekly coffee hour in our room (02.132-113 in the Informatik-Hochhaus). The exact date and time can be found on our web page You will receive more information about our activities via the e-mail distribution lists we set up for each year of CE students.

Should you encounter any problems during your studies we can also act as a middleman between you and the lecturer but you are, of course, welcome to just drop by in our weekly coffee hour.

CE as a fairly new study program still needs advertisement. Therefore we try to raise the awareness for the CE study program by attending information events for prospective students.

If you want to have a look behind the scenes of the university life, make new experiences and meet many interesting people from different semesters, we would be very happy if you get involved in the work of the FSCE! We appreciate every new member – no matter if you just want to have a short look, help at some events or spend many hours. If you are interested, contact us, inform yourself on our web page or just come to the next coffee hour or the next FSCE meeting.


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