Addmission to the Bachelor Program

Admission to the Bachelor Program

Currently, there are no licensing restrictions and no aptitude test for the Computational Engineering program. But it is highly recommended that applicants should have studied Mathematics and/or Natural Sciences at school. The CE program starts always in the winter term.

For applicants from Germany, the following eligibility requirement for the bachelor’s degree are:

  • German high school qualification (Allgemine Hochschulreife),
  • specialized studies, technical education (fachgebundene Hochschulreife, Fachrichtung Technik)
  • for further information please go to the web page Vor dem Studium

If you have questions about the University entrance permission, please contact the Student Advisory Centre.

Enrollment in the CE program

Information on the enrollment process at the FAU can be obtained from the web page Bewerbung und Einschreibung.

International Prospective Students

Basically, all international prospective students have to apply at the University. For the winter applications are usually open from the middle of May. The following page provides information about the application process, foreign education certificates, entry and residence regulations, etc.: Admission requirements for international students.

Information related to a study at the FAU

For further information related to application and degree programs at the FAU please go to the web page Study at the FAU.